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Become Job Ready Automation Tester With Automation Tester Blueprint With Java (2024 Edition)

If you are already doing a job, or a fresh graduate, or from a Non IT Field with Zero Coding Knowledge.

LIVE Class Starts :
6th July

Live Class: 
Saturday/Sunday (10 AM to 1 PM IST)

Course Duration: 4 Months (100+Hours)


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Rated By 5000+ Students

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Best thing about The Testing Academy is they not only gives theoretical knowledge but also he provides practical knowledge

Hello, My name is Pooja Khanna. I have 3 YOE of experience in Non-IT background. Since, I am career break now (due to pregnancy) I consider enrolling in this course to learn something while on a break and then start with IT career again after pregnancy period. It has helped me to know how manual tester works in a company and I have learned a lot of new skills.Pramod sir not only gives theoretical knowledge but also he provides practical knowledge as well and the cost is not too much I think even jobless people like me can also afford it is worth it.Would you recommend the Course to Your Friends? Definitely Yes.




Best thing about The Testing Academy is the quality of the course which will get you succeed

Pramod is the best teacher! Ive taken similar courses before and paid 10x more but nothing comes close to the quality of this course. The courses are very well thought, organize, interactive and up to date. Pramod explains concepts pretty well and he gives real life examples to each concept making every lesson hard to forget. He also gives you the big picture and then breaks it down in very detailed manner. The course is also very affordable. You get so much but pay so less as compared to other bootcamp courses. He also responds immediately when you have questions and he clarifies all the questions you have.




The Testing Academy is best for someone who wants to upskill themselves in terms of automation.

Hi Everyone, My name is Saiteja. Working as QA engineer in MNC. My work is test the content for websites. This course is super for everyone who wants to become a Software tester, want to switch automation testing, or for fresher. API Testing and Java were delivered well and these were really helpful. I would recommend this course to my colleagues and friends who are working as software tester and want to upskill themselves in terms of automation. Pramod Sir's experience is really helpful in creating perfect resume for Testing professionals. Looking forward to learn with Testing academy.

Your Plan To Become Job Ready Automation Tester In Just 4 Months


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Who Can Join The Program (Eligibility):


Manual Testers

Already in job & want to upgrade
themselves & get a salary hike



Want to master automation testing to get a better package job in good companies



Only students with serious
learning mindset


People with years of experience

In software development testing
trying to move to automation tester


People from Non-IT background

Willing to shift towards a
high paying career in it

Why Become An Automation Tester?

IT industry is moving very fast and all the companies are trying
to automate manual tasks, including manual testing skills.

Automation Testing Is the need of the hour & is becoming
mandatory And so, Automation Testers are in High Demand

Companies are aggressively hiring skilled automation testers with
hands-on experience, and are willing to pay higher package.


Higher Package Or Salary

On Average An Automation Tester Gets 30-40%
Higher Package Or Salary Hike
Than A Manual

4 Months Live Program

Job Ready Automation
Tester Blueprint With Java

By Pramod Dutta Founder,
The Testing Academy


Software Testing Basics, UI Testing


Core Java, Selenium Concepts & Automation Framework


API Testing Manual with POSTMAN Crash Course


API Automation using Rest Assured.


Master Selenium for E2E Web Automation in Java & Selenium Grid


Learn about the CI/CD and DevOps stuff like Git, GitHub, Jenkins, AWS, Docker Basics


Overview of Playwright UI E2E Automation Framework


GitHub Actions and Docker Basics Jenkins to Run our Automation Framework Daily


Cucumber BDD Overview & Serenity BDD Framework Overview


Mobile Testing & Appium Overview


LinkedIn Mastery & Resume Creation to help you get a salary Hike, New Job


Mock Interview to make you 100% Job Ready


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    Unmatched Advantages Of Automation
    Tester Blueprint
    With Java 7x


    100+ Hours Live Classes

    Immersive weekend morning live
    classes with recordings


    Full Practical Skills & Knowledge

    Learn & implement all the tools, framework
    & concepts in automation testing


    Work On Live Projects

    Only students with serious
    learning mindset


    Assignments & Review

    Get assignments to complete &
    review after completion


    Regular Q&A Sessions

    Clear your doubts, ask questions in regular Q&A Sessions


    SDET Paid Community

    Job Search and Community,
    where other QA help you get job

    Be 100% Job Ready With Job Assistance


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    Rs 4999/- Yearly

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    Rs 699/-

    Bonus #8


    Rs 699/-


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    After You’ve Completed The Live Program


    Gain a solid understanding of automation testing concepts, tools, and best practices


    Acquire hands-on experience in implementing automation testing frameworks and techniques.


    Develop proficiency in using popular automation testing tools such as Selenium, JUnit, TestNG, and Jenkins


    Upgrade yourself to avoid being replaced by automation testers


    Get a salary hike or promotion by transitioning easily into automation testing


    Get a better package as a fresher by acquiring high in-demand Automation skills


    Get job opportunities in the community itself & LinkedIn

    You Will Be Job Ready!


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      Course Curriculum

      1. 👉 [LIVE Class Join here]
      2. 🛑 Join Groups Please Check, Class
      3. ! Must Watch Before We start
      4. Roadmap to Become an Automation Tester
      5. Software Testing Basics , Job Tracking System
      6. [Assignment ] #1
      7. Levels of Software Testing
      8. [Notes] Manual Testing ipad
      9. [PPT] Manual Testing Basics(Unit, Integration and System Testing)
      10. SDLC, water fall, Spiral and V Model
      11. [Assignment #2] Agile, Scrum, JIRA and SDLC Models
      12. [Notes] Test Design Chats
      13. [Notes] STLC
      14. [Notes] Test cases - Ultimate
      15. [Notes] Test Metrics - Project VWO
      16. [Notes] Test Plan - Template
      17. [Notes] Manual Testing Basics
      18. Test Design Manual Testing Refresher
      19. Manual Refresher and HTTP fundamentals
      20. [Quiz] Manual Refresher
      21. REAL LIFE Scenario Based Manual Testing Interview Questions and Answers
      22. Top 10 Scenario Based Manual Testing Interview Questions and Answers
      23. Agile Quiz
      24. API Testing Notes
      25. Manual Testing Interview QnA Part 3
      26. HTTP Fundamentals and API Testing
      27. Agile, Scrum, JIRA & Manual Testing Basics for Automation Tester
      28. API Testing with Postman
      29. [Notes]
      30. API Testing with POSTMAN
      31. 201 + API Testing and Postman Interview QnA
      32. 6 Constraints of the REST architectural Style QA Should Know
      33. API Testing with Postman
      34. API Testing (Postman) P2
      35. API Testing notes 1
      36. API Testing notes 2
      37. 101+ Postman Interview QnA
      38. [Assignments] - Postman ( API Testing)
      39. API Testing and Doubts P3
      40. Javascript, Advance Postman, OAuth 2.0 - P4
      41. APITesting Notes - Part 1
      42. APITesting Notes - Part 2
      43. APITesting Notes - Part 3
      44. APITesting Notes - Part 4
      45. APITesting Notes - Part 5
      46. Testing GraphQL Queries using Postman With Example
      47. Java_Notes_P2
      48. [Assignment] Core Java
      49. [Test] Core Java Test #1
      50. [Java notes] Link
      51. [Source Code] Java
      52. -Java Notes- - TheTestingAcademy (Pramod Sir) (1)
      53. [Source Code] ATBJavaNotes1332K23
      1. Core Java Topics
      2. Thread & OOPs
      3. Collections Framework
      4. Design Patterns
      5. What is Java, Features, Variables.
      6. Data Types in Java- Primitive Data Type and Non-Primitive Data Type
      7. Operators-Arithmetic and Logical operators in Java
      8. Looping statement- For loop, while loop, enhanced for loop
      9. Conditional Statement
      10. Array in Detail
      11. Classes, Object in Java
      12. Static vs Non-static
      13. Access Modifier- Public, Private, Protracted, Default
      14. Inheritance- Single level Inheritance
      15. Constructor- Default constructor and parameterized constructor
      16. Method overloading- Compile time Polymorphism
      17. Constructor overloading- Compile time Polymorphism
      18. Method overriding- Run time Polymorphism
      19. Interface
      20. Abstract Class
      21. String class and usage
      22. Collection and Collections- Dynamic data structure and important for the framework and script development
      23. List- ArrayList and LinkedList
      24. Set- HashSet, LinkedHashSet,TreeSet
      25. Map- HashMap, LinkedHashMap, TreeMap
      26. Exception Handling- Handle Java exception
      27. Best Practices Programming & Framework
      1. Git Tutorial Part 1
      2. Git Tutorial Part 2
      3. Git Tutorial Part 3
      4. Git Tutorial Part 4
      5. GIT Notes
      1. SQL Masterless Part 1
      2. SQL Masterless Part 2
      3. SQL Masterless Part 3
      4. SQL Masterless Part 4
      5. SQL Masterless Part 5
      1. What is Software & Its Types, What is Software Testing?
      2. Master Software Development Life Cycle (+STLC)
      3. Test Plan, Test cases and Bug Report
      4. Live Project in Manual Testing with Test Plan and Testcases
      5. Roadmap to Become Manual Tester, Mindset, Salary Discussion & Handle Career Gap & Criteria for Software tester
      6. What is Software & Its Types, What is Software Testing? , QA Vs QE
      7. Master Software Development Life Cycle (+STLC)
      8. All about Black Box Testing & 7+ Techniques
      9. Types of Software Testing Explained
      10. Test Planning ( with Test Plan Template) & Defect Reporting ( Bugzilla, JIRA)
      11. Test Data Management , Understanding Test Execution & Environments
      12. Requirement Traceability Matrix (with Template), Test Management Tools like TestLink, TMT
      13. Design your Test cases( Test cases Templates) , Beautiful Test Reporting (Templates)
      14. Understanding Requirement’s Analysis & Test Plan(A to Z)
      15. Test Cases, Execution, Test Reporting( with LIVE Project) , Root Cause Analysis (Production Bug Handling)
      16. LIVE Project Manually Tested x2
      17. Understanding Agile & Scrum, Scrum PSM 1 Topics and Details
      18. JIRA Essential for Manual Testers
      19. Learn How to Test APIs Manually(Postman Crash Course)
      20. Manual Testing Interview Preparation & QnA Discussion, Professional QA Resume
      21. Mobile Testing Essentials
      22. How to Test APIs manually
      1. Mastering API Testing with POSTMAN
      2. Presentation, Business and Database layers
      3. Client-Server Architecture
      4. HTTP Basics
      5. HTTP Methods
      6. What is an API?
      7. What is API Testing?
      8. Difference between API testing and Unit testing
      9. What is Web services?
      10. HTTP Structure
      11. Type of Defects in API Testing
      12. Learn What is xml and JSON?
      13. URI and URL
      14. Tools for API Testing
      15. Introduction to REST Web services.
      16. SOAP Introduction
      17. Why learning REST is Important?
      18. Difference between SOAP and REST Web services.
      19. REST constraints
      20. Introduction to POSTMAN tool and installation.
      21. Creating requests in Postman.
      22. Creating collections in Postman.
      23. Understanding variables and environments in Postman.
      24. Authorization in POSTMAN.
      25. Assertions/Test scripts in POSTMAN.
      26. Command line integration with Newman.
      27. Running POSTMAN Collection on Docker, Jenkins
      28. What is JSON Schema Validation?
      29. How to perform JSON Schema validation?
      30. Data Driven Testing with CSV with POSTMAN
      31. Exploring POSTMAN More features Mocking, Stabbing
      32. Testing GraphQL with POSTMAN
      33. Testing Websoctks with POSTMAN
      34. Writing API Test cases & Test Plan
      35. Running Testcases with POSTMAN
      36. Writing API Test cases & Test Plan
      37. Running Testcases with POSTMAN
      38. Advance JSON Schema
      39. LIVE API Testing Example
      1. Configure Eclipse with Rest-Assured
      2. REST API Test using Rest Assured
      3. Validate Response Status using Rest Assured
      4. Validate Response Header using Rest Assured
      5. Read JSON Response Body using Rest Assured
      6. Framework Definitions
      7. Type of Automation framework, usage, features and myth about the framework
      8. Data Driven Framework from scratch
      9. Hybrid Framework
      10. Creation of framework Skelton
      11. Different component of the framework
      12. Data Provider- Config and Excel Data Provider- Test Data and config file
      13. Base Class creation and usage
      14. Folder structure & Framework creation
      15. Framework creation
      16. Setting up Cucumber project
      17. Performing a LIVE project Cucumber BDD and Rest Assured
      18. Running API Automation in CI/CD Jenkins
      19. Discussion over more than 51+ interview questions for freshers and experience candidate
      1. What is Selenium
      2. Why Selenium? / Advantages
      3. What are its versions?
      4. What all OS, Browsers, and Programming Languages it Support?
      5. Java-Selenium Architecture
      6. WebDriver Architecture
      7. Basic Selenium Program to Open and close Browser
      8. Runtime Polymorphism Program in Selenium
      9. WebDriver abstract methods
      10. Locators - Xpath, its Types and cases.
      11. Handling Multiple Elements
      12. Handling Synchronization issue by using implicitly Wait and Explicit Wait
      13. Handling Dropdown (static and dynamic)
      14. Handling Keyboard and Mouse Actions
      15. Taking Screenshot
      16. Handling Disabled Element , Performing Scroll down Action
      17. Handling Popups (web-based and Window-based)
      18. Handling Frames, Handling New Windows/New Tabs
      19. Custom Automation Framework
      20. New Selenium 4.6.0
      1. Advance Selenium Mouse, Action
      2. Untitled lesson
      1. Live Projects UI Testing
      2. API Testing Rest Assured, BDD Framework
      1. Jenkins
      2. Git, GitHub
      3. Github Actions, Docker Basics, AWS Basics
      1. What Is Database?
      2. Database Management System (DBMS)?
      3. What is Relational Model ?
      4. Datatypes and Constraints
      5. Statements in SQL
      6. Software installation
      7. Data Query Language (DQL)
      8. Operators
      9. Functions in SQL
      10. Data Definition Language (DDL)
      11. Data Manipulation Language (DML)
      12. Transaction Control Language (TCL)
      13. Data Control Language (DCL)
      14. Normalization
      15. SQL Masterclass Part 1
      16. SQL Masterclass Part 3
      17. SQL Masterclass Part 2
      18. [ SQL Notes ] ( PDF )
      1. What is Mobile Testing?
      2. Appium Installation Instructions for Windows & Mac
      3. Getting Started with Mobile testing using Appium Code
      4. Appium Concepts
      5. Real time Project X1
      1. Fix your Resume.
      2. Mock Interviews
      3. LinkedIn hacks to Get IT Calls
      1. Manual Testing Concepts for Automation Tester

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      Reviews By Students

      Real reviews from real people who have done the courses and
      are now placed in many IT companies



      “Best thing about The Testing Academy is the practical approach

      Hi, I am 2016 pass out and still a fresher. Recently attending the session from The Testing Academy and the way Promod sir explain the concept you can get it in a very practical way. I would definitely recommend it

      ~Siddheshwar Mhetre


      “Excellent Sessions resulting in crystal clear concepts”

      I am a Non-IT & Non-Technical person who wants to switch my job in the IT industry. Great Explanation of JIRA and scrum tools. Your Dedications to teach the things to students. Yes i will recommend it.

      ~Gargi Jain


      Affordable Live Courses with commendable Explanations”

      In the current environment where every institute is a money-garbing tool , efforts of Pramod sir to provide an affordable live course with explanations is commendable. I took the Manual+API testing course from Pramod sir and he made it easy for even a beginner to understand.Would recommend it to everyone who is aspiring a career in testing.



      “Interactive Sessions with real-time assignments”

      I'm Kamlesh and currently learning the testing from TheTestingAcademy. The course has helped me a lot in understanding concepts of SDLC and STLC. The best thing about TheTestingAcademy is that all the sessions are very interactive and you get the opportunity to learn the testing in real time by doing assignments. I would recommend to all learners that if you really want to learn testing with feel-at-home environment then I must tell you that You should give it a try.

      ~Amaarrdeep Patil


      Easy-to-Understand Explanations of Technical Concepts

      I learned essential testing insights, terms, and details from Pramod, which helped me understand the actual testing and role and responsibility of a tester. Technical concepts teaching in a simple way is the best thing of TTA and Pramod. I will recommend Pramod's video and course if you really want to know what is testing because at the end to make strong pillar of basics is the most imp thing.

      ~Koushik Reddy


      Awesome QA app explanations with live examples

      I am koushik . B. Tech graduate . Looking for opportunities on QA. Yes the trainer . He teaches with live projects like AWesome QA application Explaining with live examples. Preparation for interview how to show case the positive attitude with interviewer Yes I would recommend for both experience , fresher and Non IT people too.


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      Our Students Share Their Success Stories!


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      Pramod Dutta

      Founder, The Testing Academy

      Founder of Youtube Channel having 95k Subscribers, Pramod is a lead automation tester with 11 years of experience in Manual Testing, Automation Testing, Mobile & Web Automation, Desktop & cloud services like AWS, GCP extra.

      He has trained 5000+ professionals in Software Testing, API Testing, Test Automation.
      Pramod is SDET Manager At Tekion | Ex Browserstack Employee and Browserstack champion  |   Certified Scrum Master.

      Pramod’s practical approach & real projects implementation in training differentiates him from every other trainer, his student find his teaching practical, organised, interactive and non-boring.

      Pramod helps IT Professionals, Freshers, Non-IT People switch to Automation Testing, Gain a salary Hike and better job opportunity


      Get Certified


      Other Automation Testing Programs


      Knowledge & concepts


      Limited Content & Concepts


      Learn automation testing skills only


      Recorded Programs


      Little to no support


      Only course, no community


      No assignments review


      Zero LinkedIn Knowledge

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      Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.

      TheTestingAcademy Automation Tester Program


      Practical hands-on experience on live projects


      Complete package of all the concepts, tools, & training


      Become job ready with job prep & assistance


      100+ Hours of Live Program


      Regular Q&A for support & guidance


      SDET.Club community to get job assistance & offers


      Regular assignment review


      LinkedIn hacks to get job offers & IT calls

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      Rated By 5000+ Students & IT Professionals

      Become A Job Ready Automation Tester


      If you are a manual tester, looking to get a salary hike or a better job


      If you are a fresher, looking to get a good package


      If you come from a Non IT Background & Want to enter the IT industry for better opportunities

      Automation Testing has become one of the hottest skills in IT, & this live 4 Months program will teach you exactly what you need to become a Job Ready Automation Tester with hands-on experience on live projects


      Register Now to unlock bonuses worth Rs 14390


      Since this is a live program, we can only take a limited no. of students, once
      all the seats are taken, new enrollment will be closed & next batch will start
      only after 5-6 months.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      • How do I join/enroll in the program

      To enroll, Click the enrollment button located above, Make the program fee payment of Rs. 10,499. After payment, you will be automatically added to the new batch, and you will receive the confirmation email with program details.

      • I am from non-IT background & don’t know coding, can I become an automation tester

      We have successfully trained students from not just Non-IT or Non Technical backgrounds to become job-ready automation testers. You can read such success stories above on this page, or by visiting love.thetestingacademy.com

      • What is the course fee

      The one-time program fee is Rs. 10,499 and there’s no hidden or extra fee during the program

      • What is the course curriculum

      You can check the entire curriculum above on this page, in the course curriculum section

      • What is the last date of enrollment

      The batch starts by 6th July, however since we have limited seats, as soon as all the seats are taken, enrollment will be closed and you may have to wait for next 5-6 months

      • I have a GAP year, Can I join to revise or prepare?

      Yes, the projects that you learn with us gets added to your resume, It is best especially for people who have a career gap to have practical knowledge before applying.

      • What is the course duration

      The Live Program duration is 4 months starting from 6th July.

      • Will I get class recordings

      Yes, all the live classes will be recorded and you will get lifetime access to all the recordings so you can watch anytime and refresh your skills

      • How this program will help me get a high paying IT Job

      This program not just teaches concepts, tools & frameworks, but you will have hands-on experience working on live projects which is very important to get hired, We will help you create or fix your resume, optimise your linkedIn to get IT Job offers, we will organise mock interviews to prepare you for the interview, apart from this, in our community you will get updates of new job openings, referrals by other IT professionals and much more including regular career guidance

      Become Job Ready Automation Tester With Higher Salary


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